Hear Me Out Zines

Along with book requests, Books Through Bars receives many letters from incarcerated individuals detailing their experiences on the inside. Some folks who write respond to a survey of question we include in our packages, while others reply in a more open ended way to  share their stories and thoughts. Many of these letters include a request to spread the stories widely. In response, BTB has compiled a small portion of these letters into three zines. Volume 1 deals with prison conditions, Volume 2 is about issues of reentry, and Volume 3 focuses on addiction, mental health, family and education.

You can purchase the zines here. The cost of purchase helps to cover the cost of printing the zines and any extra donation will go directly towards BTB’s mission of shipping books to those in prison.

BTB hopes to continue this project and produce more zines. If you have any feedback or questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us!