Response to PA DOC’s New Protocols

Some good news! The PA DOC announced that they will be reversing their September 5th book ban. As our friends at Amistad Law Project put it, “When we struggle, we win.” Thanks to everyone who has been a part of creating the pressure that has led to this reversal!

We are excited to resume sending books to people incarcerated in PA state prisons, but the work around these issues is far from over. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure not only that the new book policies are implemented in thoughtful ways, but also that the rest of the draconian mail and visitation policies are reversed entirely.

Join us by taking the following actions:

  • Saturday 12/15 1-4PM @ William Way LGBTQ Community Center (1315 Spruce St.)  Decarcerate PA’s December Letter Writing & Holiday Card Making This holiday season, the harmful DOC mail policies mean that we can’t send cards directly to our loved ones on the inside. So we’re sending them to Governor Wolf instead! Join us for our regular letter writing event and make a card for Governor Wolf to let him know why these policies should be immediately canceled!
  • Tuesday 12/18 12-1PM @ 110 N 8th Street – Action at Governor Wolf’s Philadelphia Office Governor Wolf Won’t let us send holiday cards to our loved ones. So we are delivering them to him instead! Join us at his Philadelphia office to help us deliver hundreds of cards demanding an end to the terrible new Department of Corrections policies that prevent our loved ones from receiving original copies of mail, cards, or photos.
  • Help us flood the governor’s office with mail from incarcerated people and their allies. Those on the inside can send their grievances about the restrictions along with any photocopied mail they’ve received from Florida that’s distorted or illegible. Those on the outside can send items they can’t send to their friends and loved ones: greeting cards, photographs, drawings, etc. Let your incarcerated friends, family, and contacts know what we’re doing and share the governor’s address:

    Governor Tom Wolf, Office of the Governor
    508 Main Capitol Building
    Harrisburg PA 17120

  • No matter where you live, call Governor Wolf’s office (717-787-2500) and Corrections Secretary Wetzel’s office (717- 728-2573) to let them know your concerns about these new policies. If you live in PA, call  your state senator  and your state representative as well – you can find contact info for your state reps here.
  • Stay tuned for more calls to action in the coming days and weeks! Follow Books Through Bars on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Details of the new policies:

  • People in prisons cannot receive physical mail. Mail from family and friends will be sent to a private company, Florida, where it will be opened, scanned, and emailed to the prison. Addressees will only receive printouts of the digital copy. Physical mail, including photos, greeting cards, and children’s artwork, will be destroyed. All mail scans will be stored in a permanent, searchable database.
  • Friends, family members, and advocates of people in prison have grave concerns about the new mail procedures. Mail may be lost or scanned improperly, and all of these written communications can be surveilled. Some are hesitant send mail at all, which cuts off a vital line of connection between people inside and outside of prison.
  • Legal mail will be opened and copied by prison staff, raising serious concerns about violation of attorney client privilege.
  • The stated purpose of these policies is to prevent dangerous drugs from entering prisons via the mail. Books Through Bars rejects the idea that these restrictions will make prison staff or incarcerated people safer. Effective, evidence-based treatment – not surveillance and censorship – will help reduce the drug problem in PA’s prisons.

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